i-Snail-S: Self Powered GO/NO-GO Current Status Switch


  • Low turn on (less than 0.150 A)
  • Hysteresis and anti-transient circuitry eliminates chatter and false switching
  • Easy Wiring
  • Rugged enclosure
  • Low Cost


The i-Snail-S switch provides an accurate and cost effective method of monitoring the on/off status of electric loads including fans, pumps, motors, heaters and virtually any AC powered device.

The digital (on/off) output provides a N.O. dry contact closure which may be interfaced to PLCs, DDC panels, or control relays.

Product Description

The i-Snail-S serves as an ultra sensitive Go/No-Go load sensor. The dry contact relay (N.O.) closes when a minimum amount (150mA) of AC current is flowing through its monitored line. The device is ideal for monitoring the running state of fans, motors, pumps, heaters or any device that is AC powered, including large and small loads.

The output is a bi-directional solid state relay with a low turn on resistance of less than 4 ohms. The output may be interfaced to PLCs, DDC panels or other relays.

The advanced hysteresis and transient detection circuitry prevent chattering and false switching due to line spikes and transients.

The i-Snail-S features a rugged enclosure with integrated barrier strip terminal block or 6" leads for easy wiring in the field.

The i-Snail-S features advanced detection circuitry which enables an ideal switch characteristic. The output is turned on with a brick wall switching curve. Competitive products feature a gradual turn on with the resistance dropping gradually. In many applications, non-ideal switching may cause erroneous results.

i-Snail Universal Mounting Hardware


PowerSelf powered by line current
Input0.150 to 100A
OutputBi-directional, normally open relay
4 ohms MAX when closed
40V (AC/DC) @ 200mA
Switch Point<= 150mA
Hysteresis~10mA (ie: on at 150mA, off at 140mA)
EnclosureABS (UL 94V-0) Plastic box 2"x1.6"x0.9"
Weight2.4 oz (68 g)
Wire Window13.7mm (0.54")
Terminal Block(-S Model) Barrier Strip. Accepts up to 12-26AWG

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i-Snail-S: Terminal Block Model
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