USB-485: USB-to-RS485 Adapter


  • Simple Interface to Modbus/RTU Devices
  • Ideal for WattsOn, WattsOn-Mark II, and iSpy
  • Supports 115,200 baud rates
  • Plug-and-play Installation
  • No External Power supply
  • 5V power output through USB port
  • Convenient pluggable terminal block
  • Uses reliable CH340 chipset
  • Windows/Mac/Linux Drivers

Product Description

The USB-RS485 is a USB to UART cable with RS485 level UART signals. The USB-485 adapter allows for a simple connection to RS-485 communications busses from any PC with a USB port. It corporates the popular CH340 chipset IC which handles all USB signaling and protocols. The cable provides a fast, simple way to connect devices with a RS485 interface to USB.

Ideal for use with Elkorís WattsOn, WattsOn-Mark II, MCM and i-Spy meters and transducers. The adapter will work with any RS-485 device and protocol.

The convenient pluggable terminal block allows for quick wiring and disconnection from the equipment. Additionally, the adapter breaks out the 5V signal from the USB port to allow powering of external equipment.

Driver Download:


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