RC-400: Precision Flexible Current Transformer (Rogowski Coil)


  • High accuracy, ± 0.5% ratio error.
    Phase shift error < 0.3%
  • High linearity, large measurement range capacity
    (6000A or greater)
  • High sensitivity, accuracy down to 50A
  • Next Generation Design has less positional error
  • High immunity to EMI and magnetic fields
  • Ideal for use with WattsOn-Mark II Advanced Energy Meter
  • Ideal for use with i-Spy Advanced 3-Phase AC Current Monitor

Product Description

The RC-400 is a flexible, air-core current sensor which operates on the Rogowski Coil principle. The RC-400 is designed and approved to be installed on insulated and/or bare conductors (bus bars).

The unique shielding system and precision windings minimize the positioning error and practically eliminate the influence of external magnetic fields.

The RC-400 can be used directly with the WattsOn-Mark II Precision Energy Meters without an integrator or additional power supply. This offers accurate measurements in large power systems where conventional iron-core CTs may be hard to install.


Output100mV/1000A (50Hz)
120mV/1000A (60Hz)
Output WaveformAC voltage proportional to derivative of input current. Requires integrator for measurement of AC current. (built into WattsOn-Mark II)
Outer SheathThermoplastic polyurethane UL94-V0
LeadsShielded pair AWG26, 2 m (6.5')
1000V UL Style 20940
Insulation Class1000V; 50-60 Hz, Cat III
600V, 50-60Hz, CAT IV
Test voltage7400 Vrms for 1 min
Maximum Current50,000A @50Hz
CertificationUL Recognized (Canada/USA)


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