MSCT: Split Core Current Transformers (mA Output)

Product Description

Easy to install, ideal for energy mangement applications, as well as accurate metering using Elkor's Power Metering devices.

Unlike the standard 5A CTs, the MSCT Current Transformers do not produce high voltage surge when opened . They generate a low energy mA output and no special protection and/or shorting blocks are required. Maximum open secondary voltage is clamped at about 22 V peak.


  • Ideal for use with Elkor Technologies Inc. Power Meters:
  • Current Transformers for the i-Spy AC Current Transducer.
  • Current Transformers for the i-Snail-X AC Current Transducer.
  • Secondary current transformers applied on 5 A leads of the existing CTs


Primary Wire Window 0.75'
Maximum Continuous Current
(Amps AC)
200A 600A
Output @ Max Input (mA AC) 26.67mA 80mA
Turns Ratio 7500:1 7500:1
Insulation Class 600V; 50-60Hz
Leads AWG #20 (or #22), 8' (2.4m), CSA Type TEW, 600V, AWM Style 1015
Overload 1.5 x Max Input for 5 seconds
Max Open Circuit Voltage Output Clamped at 22V peak
NOTE: MSCT3 has been discontinued.
Recommended Replacement is: MRA-2x3
A 2.00' 3.25'
B 2.10' 3.35'
C 0.61' 1.00'
D 0.75' 1.25'
E 0.75' 1.25'
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