MCT: Solid Core Current Transformers (mA output)


  • Ideal for use with Elkor Technologies Inc. Power Meters:
  • Current Transformers for the i-Spy AC Current Transducer.
  • Current Transformers for the i-Snail-X AC Current Transducer.
  • Secondary current transformers applied on 5 A leads of the existing CTs


Maximum Current 300A 450A
Output @ Max. Input 120mA (no burden) 112.5mA (no burden)
Turns Ratio 3000:1 4000:1
Wire Window Inside Diameter (D1) 0.77" (19.5mm) 1.28" (32.5mm)
Outside Diameter (D2) 1.87" (47.5mm) 2.33" (59.0mm)
Linearity 0.1% (from 1A to 300A) 0.1% (from 1A to 450A)
Phase Shift < 0.05° < 0.02°
Leads 2m (6.5'), 600V rated 45cm (18"), 600V rated


MCT current transformers shall be installed on insulated conductors.

MCT Current Transformers are low power devices (mA output). They do not produce arcing when opened (unlike the standard 5 A CTs).

When loaded with a burden resistor they generate a low voltage output signal. Although no special protection and/or shorting blocks are required the leads should be shorted when disconnected from Elkor's devices.

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