MCM-V: 3-Phase Modbus-RTU AC Voltage Meter


  • Three channels or three phase
  • Voltage inputs up to 600V (line-to-line)
  • Fully isolated input/output (4,250V peak)
  • High accuracy, highly linear
  • RS-485 (Modbus/RTU) communication interface
  • High bandwidth (60kHz minimum)
  • Small size, DIN or wall mount


  • High Accuracy AC Voltage Metering
  • Isolated Voltage transducer
  • Potential transformer alternative
  • Indirect voltage measurement

Product Description

The MCM-V module provides an isolated, three channel measurement and scaling interfaced for AC voltage measurements. It features primarily features RS-485 (Modbus/RTU) communications for accurate (better than 0.1%) and convenient measurement of three-phase (or three single-phase) circuits. In addition, it provides an isolated, scaled AC voltage output, which can be used be multiple outputs option proportional to the input signal.

The Modbus interface includes measurement of Voltage (line-to-neutral in addition to line-to-line), phase angle measurement, and frequency measurement. The data is available in both 16-bit integer, as well as 32-bit floating point measurements. PT ratios may be entered to automatically scale the readings.

In addition to its own, convenient register map, the MCM-V shares the WattsOn-Mark II register map, making it an easy addition to any system that supports the WattsOn-Mark II.

High input bandwidth and linearity ensure that all relevant harmonics of the measurement signal are captured.


Supply12-30 VDC/VAC
Input0-347V (line-to-neutral) / 0-600V (line-to-line)
OutputRS-485 2-wire, 9600 to 230400 baud Modbus/RTU
0-2V (max) analog outputs corresponding to inputs.
Isolation4,250V (peak), (input-to-output)
MountingDIN Rail Mount (LxWxH = 90mm x 54mm x 63mm)

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