ETSEQ: Two Channel Adjustable Relay Sequencer


  • Small size, easy installation
  • Two 10A/250 VAC SPDT relays
  • Status Indicators (LEDs)
  • Field Adjustable set points


The ETSEQ board provides sequential activation for two relays by one analog voltage signal. This device may be used to expand the number of DO points. The ETSEQ applications may include:

  • Rooftop Unit Control
  • Chiller Stage Control
  • Lighting control

Product Description

The ETSEQ board accepts a generic Analog Output signal and activates two output relays in sequence. Typically, the first relay is switched 'on' at 3.0 Volts and the second at 5.0 VDC, however the switching points are field adjustable using an onboard jumper and a known voltage source. There is a hysteresis of about 0.2 volts (typical) to prevent erroneous switching during transients and voltage sags.

The two relays provide 10 A SPDT contacts wired to 3 pole terminals. Their status is indicated by yellow LEDs.

The board may be factory set for any two voltages in the 10 VDC range. Two or more boards, set for different voltage levels may be fed with the same input signal to provide multistage sequencing.

The ETSEQ board mounts in a 2.75" wide snap-track and is equipped with high quality angular connectors for fast and easy wiring.


Power24 VAC (or DC), 40 mA
Input0-10 VDC, 0.2V Hysteresis
Field Adjustable set points (between 0.5V-10V)
Factory set points: 3V, 5V, other voltages available upon request
OutputTwo 10 A / 250 VAC SPDT relays
IndicationLEDs for Output Status and power supply
DimensionsL=2.25" (56 mm), W=2.75" (70 mm)
Mounts in TR-2 snap-track

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