ETAO: Analog Output Override and Booster


  • H-O-A with Manual Output Override.
  • 150 mA output driving capacity.
  • LED indication for output voltage, override status and power supply.
  • Compact Size, Easy Wiring
  • Low cost, ideal for Energy Management Applications.


The ETAO interface adds full Hand-Off-Auto control and boosts the driving capacity of any generic Analog Output point. It may be used as an analog current amplifier.

The ETAO board is ideal for interfacing with remote HVAC equipment requiring a local manual override (i.e. rooftop units, dampers etc.).

With 150 mA available per output channel, the ETAO can drive equipment commanding higher than standard current drive capability.

Product Description

The ETAO two channel board provides local control for two Analog Output signals. The board is equipped with DPDT switches that allow for manual output override with signal level adjusted by single turn miniature trim pots, mounted on the board.

In 'Auto' position the output signal directly follows the input. The output is fed through a high capacity buffer allowing 150 mA per output channel.

The output signal status is indicated by yellow LEDs. Another set of LEDs (red) indicate the 'undesired' switch position such as 'Manual' or 'Off'. This LED indication allows for easy diagnostics through a feedback from clients' maintenance personnel reporting the LED status.

The board is equipped with angular connectors for fast and easy wiring. It mounts in a molded snap-track 2.75" (70 mm) wide.


Power24 VAC or DC, 9 VA (max.)
Input0-10 VDC Analog Signal
OutputAO Signal 0-10 VDC, 150 mA maximum (per channel) Manual Override - output adjusted by 1 turn trim pot H-O-A Sliding Switch
IndicationMode Selected - red LED 'On' in Hand or OFF Position Power ON (green LED); Output Voltage - yellow LED
DimensionsW=2.75" (70mm); L=2.45" (60mm); board mounts in TR-2 snap-track (provided).

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