ET24V: 24 V Power Distribution Board


  • Space Saving, High Density Distribution Center for Eight Circuits
  • Fuse Protection and LED Indication in Each Circuit
  • Provision for Fast Load Assessment with a Standard Volt-meter
  • Simple, Straightforward wiring
  • Low Cost, Easy Mounting


The ET24V provides cost effective way to distribute excitation power for DDC equipment (typically 24 VAC).

The board simplifies wiring and saves installation time. It provides a convenient way to power eight independent circuits with one control transformer.

The board may be used to power DDC panels, field devices and/or other Elkor interfaces.

Product Description

The ET24V provides eight fused power circuit for excitation of control equipment that may be supplied by one control transformer. The board speeds-up wiring and provides a convenient mean to manage control power distribution. The input current passes via a 0.1 R power resistor that acts as a shunt for load measurements with a standard AC Volt-meter applied to the Load Test jumper.

Each circuit is protected by a 2 A fast acting fuse. The fuse status is indicated by green LED. Disconnect jumper in each output allows for fast circuit separation and/or testing.

The board is equipped with extra connector to add more ET24V boards in to one larger power transformer if more than 8 circuits are required.

The board is equipped with angular connectors for fast and easy wiring. It mounts in a molded snap-track 2.75" (70 mm) wide, provided with each board.


Input24 VAC, 200 V A maximum
Output8 circuits, 2 Amp maximum (fused by fast acting GMA 2A fuses) recommended 5-6 Amp in total per board.
IndicationVoltage in each channel - green LED
Load Test0.1 R resistor in series with load w/ Volt-meter terminal Load = 10 x VAC measured
DimensionsW=2.75" (70 mm); L=3.6" (92 mm); boards mounts in TR-2 snap-track (provided).

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