WattsOn-DISP: Miniature Display For WattsOn


  • Panel Mount
  • Large, easy to read Two-Line Display
  • Display information customizable via RS-485 Modbus
  • LED Backlight

Product Description

The WattsOn-DISP allows for local display of electrical measurements performed by the WattsOn Power Transducer. Its small size and form factor allow for an easy and clean installation through a panel with the included mounting hardware. Optionally, a NEMA 4X bezel may be provided to allow for installation in harsh environments.

The display parameters are selected by configuring the main WattsOn unit using RS-485 (Modbus). It may be used with WattsOn-1100 units (firmware 4.3 or higher).

The WattsOn transducer configured for use with the display, uses the second pulse output is used for data transmission from the WattsOn. This leaves the RS-485 port free for communication with any other RTU.

The display features a LED backlight allowing viewing in any condition.

NEW: v2.0 of the WattsOn-DISP modules support three user selectable (via rear jumper) display modes:

  1. Fixed two line display (User set registers)
  2. Push button scrolling of parameters (Two user set registers plus W, VA, VAR, PF, Frequency and kWh)
  3. Two line display, top line cycling between two user set registers plus W, VA, VAR, PF, Frequency. Bottom line fixed at kWh


Power Supply16-24 VDC (50mA max.)
Display100 x 32 Graphic LCD
Displays two parameters in a large (10mm) font
CommunicationSingle Wire (plus ground) proprietary protocol from WattsOn transducer (requires WattsOn-1100 with firmware version 4.3 or greater)
BacklightLED (yellow)
MountingPanel Mount ("through the door") with adjustable rear brackets
Max Panel Thickness0.8 mm (min)
5.0 mm (max)
Cutout Dimensions40mm x 72mm
Depth Into Door40mm (including terminal block)
Bezel Dimensions44mm x 76mm
Environment0-50°C, 90% RH non-condensing

Ordering Information

WattsOn-DISP fully describes this product

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