ETA3.ANL: Three Phase Current Transducer w/ Analog Outputs


  • True RMS, accurate measurements.
  • Four Analog Outputs 0-5VDC or (0-10 VDC optional).
  • Supports inexpensive mA output current transformers and standard 5A CTs.
  • Compact Size, Easy Wiring, DIN Rail Mounting.
  • Ideal for Control and Energy Management Applications.


The ETA3.ANL transducer offers inexpensive yet accurate true RMS monitoring of AC current in three independent circuits or one 3 phase circuit.

This unique product is ideal as a precision AC load transducer for Control and Energy Management applications.

The ETA3.ANL combined with inexpensive current transformers provides a convenient tool for accurate load monitoring in any electrical equipment.

Product Description

The ETA3.ANL is a microprocessor based precision current transducer that performs true RMS current measurements in one three phase circuit or in three independent AC circuits.

The unit supports standard current transformers (5A or 1A) as well as a variety of inexpensive current sensors which provide safe mV signals (no shunts necessary). These sensors include split and solid core CTs as well as precision current sensors that may be applied to the secondary wires of the existing 5 A CTs.

The ETA3.ANL measures true RMS current in each of the three inputs. The three analog outputs (V1, V2 and V3) provide DC voltage proportional to the RMS current in the corresponding input. In addition, the fourth output (V4) is proportional to the averaged current {Iavg= (I1+I2+I3)/3}. Standard output voltage is 5 VDC but the unit may be calibrated for 10 VDC as well.

The ETA3.ANL is powered by 24 VAC/VDC and is housed in a small plastic enclosure equipped with universal DIN mounting attachment.


Power24 VDC/VAC, 2 VA
InputStandard CTs, 5A or 1A
Elkor Current Transformers (solid/split core MCT/MSCT):
mV output CTs (1000mV or 333mV)
OutputFour 0-5VDC (0-10 VDC optional) analog outputs proportional to three input currents and averaged current {(i1+i2+i3)/3}.
AccuracyTRMS, 0.5% FS, output resolution 10 bits.
IndictaionPower - green LED
EnclosureDIN Rail - universal DIN attachment mounted on the back of enclosure; dim. h=3.75" w=2" d=2.25" (95x50x60mm).

Ordering Information


    [1] Specifies CT Input Type: 


Inputs for 5A CTs


Inputs for MCTA CTs (full scale current must follow, up to 300A)


Inputs for MSCT1 CTs (full scale current must follow, up to 200A)


Inputs for MSCT2 CTs (full scale current must follow, up to 600A)


Inputs for MSCT3 CTs (full scale current must follow, up to 1500A)


Inputs for 333mV CTs


Inputs for 1000mV CTs

*** Contact Elkor for other input options

    [2] Specifies desired Full Scale Calibration (Amps).  (N/A for 5A)



Specifies transducer with MSCT1 CTs.  Output 0-5V=0-100A

** NOTE: The ETA3.ANL comes with 0-5VDC output as standard.  0-10VDC outputs are available on special request.

Part Number Generator

Output Type
Modbus RTU

Four analog outputs (0-5V)*

Current Transformers

Output Type
Modbus RTU

Four analog outputs (0-5V)*

Current Transformers

Part Number

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